Opening Events Week 2

Weekly Login Reward


You can get rewards for login within 7 days.


Day 1Spirit Core x100、Diamond x300
Day 2Golden Coin x90、Diamond x300
Day 3Golden Coin x90、Diamond x300
Day 4Apollyon’s Potion x1、Diamond x300
Day 5Golden Coin x90、Diamond x300
Day 6 Golden Coin x90、Diamond x300
Day 7Whisky x1、Diamond x300

Powerful Pets Bond


You can get the relevant rewards by accumulating the amount of crystal every day.

Cumulative top up of 9800, 32800 and 64800 can also get SSR pet – Pepper Pig


Cumulative Top-upRewards
900Golden Amber (S)x2、Slime Soft Candy x1000、Weak Cake x1000
3000Golden Amber (S)x2、Slime Soft Candy x2000、Weak Cake x2000
6800Golden Amber (M)x2、Slime Soft Candy x2000、Weak Cake x2000
9800Golden Amber (M)x2、Slime Soft Candy x4000、Weak Cake x4000

Les Bank Venture Capital Business


If you buy bonds, you can get daily dividends and bring Miss Mel home!

Personal Daily Reward

Login DayRewards
1Diamond x4000、Beer x1
2Diamond x5000、Beer x2
3Diamond x6000、Beer x3
4Diamond x7000、Beer x4
5Diamond x8000、Beer x5
6Diamond x9000、Beer x6
7Diamond x10000、Beer x7

Full Rebate

All cumulative purchases up toRewards
10Beer x1
30Beer x1
60Beer x2
100Beer x2
150Beer x3
200SR Adolescent Love – Mel

Weekly Top-up Reward


Accumulated top-up Crystals during the event will get corresponding rewards.


Cumulative Top-upRewards
10000Water Crystal Shard x10、Rainbow Coin x220
20000Wind Crystal Shard x10、Rainbow Coin x220
40000Fire Crystal Shard x10、Earth Crystal Shard x10、Lotto Point x270
80000Whisky x3、Red Wine x4、Lotto Point x540
150000SSR Contrary Dragon Sword Commander – Nameless、Type A Friend Fruit x20、Game CD x3000
300000Fairy’s Tear x9999、Rainbow Coin x2200、Tears of the Goddess x9999
600000A Class EXP Badge x10、Fantasy Core x1、A Class EXP Codex x10
1000000SSS Pet -Dark Dragon x1、Weak Cake x9999、Soft Candy Super Big Package x500
1500000SSS Pet – Dark Dragon x1、Golden Amber (XL)x30、Soft Candy Super Big Package x500

Fan’s Gift Shop


During the event period, consume the crystal to enter the lottery.。

The Biggest Prize:SSP Loper

Some of the events are chance winning items, and consumer purchases or participates in an event does not mean they will receive a specific item.

Idol Development


During the event period, complete the designated missions to bring the SP Archer – Loper home.

Adventurers Association

Condition:All servers are able to enter


Rare items will be dropped for a limited time during the event.。

Telescope、SSR Finely Ground Cocoa Powder、Crust、Finely Ground Flour、Tea Leaves、Cassava

Skyfall Item


There is a chance that various feathers will be dropped from the field, Team Boss and Fate Boss, then you will be able to bring Crazy Childe – Gred and other rewards home.


RewardsRedeemable times
Crazy Childe – Gred1 time
Golden Coin9 times
1-star Obsidian10 times
1-star Firestone20 times
Holy metal999 times
Mana’s Heart999 times

Limited time character gift pack

《Knight exclusive gift pack》

Price:$0.99,limited 1 purchase

Thunderous Blast – Kallen *1、Crystal *600、Diamond *600、Type D Friend Fruit *10、Spicy Strips *5、Teddy Bear *1200

《Top Knight exclusive gift pack》

Price:$4.99,limited 1 purchase

Kingdom Blade – Kallen *1、Crystal *3000、Diamond *3000、Philosopher’s Stone x10、Type C Friend Fruit *10、Self-heating Hot Pot *5、Spicy Strips x10、Teddy Bear *2000

《Kingdom Knight exclusive gift pack》

Price:$32.99,limited 1 purchase

SSR – Unyielding Warsoul – Kallen *1、SSR Title – We are never alone、Crystal *20000、Diamond *20000、

Philosopher’s Stone *20、Type A Friend Fruit *10、Canned Herring *6、Gossip Magazine *3000

Limited Time Gift Pack Week 2

PackPrice Items
Ticket Pack$4.99Crystal *3000、Team Admission Ticket x4、Protect Goddess Ticket x2
Firestone Pack$4.99Crystal *3000、Diamond *3000
1-Star Firestone *120、1-Star Broken Armor *48
Obsidian Pack$4.99Crystal *3000、Diamond *3000
1-Star Obsidian *20、1-Star Broken Armor *30
Lotto Pack$9.99Crystal *6000、Lotto point *1800 
2-Star material Pack$15.99Crystal *10000、Diamond *10000、2-Star Firestone *40
2-Star Broken Armor *80、2-Star Obsidian *20
The Battle of Gods Pack$32.99Crystal *20000、Rainbow Coin *4400

Crystal Gift Pack

《Loper Gift Pack》

Price:2000 Crystals

Content Necklace of True Love – Loper、Telescope x500、Exploration Acceleration Command x200

《Search Pack》

Price:4800 Crystals

Content Lotto point x600

《Epic Gift Box》

Price:7000 Crystals

Content: Golden Coin x900

《Epic Gift Box 2》

Price:19000 Crystals

Content: Golden Coin x2700


Price:55000 Crystals

Content: Lotto Point x11000

Tips:The relevant event settings are based on in-game data.

Tips:Some of the events are chance winning items, and consumer purchases or participates in an event does not mean they will receive a specific item.